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Parents Training

The EarlyBird Program is a three-month program for parents/caregivers of young children with Autism. The program combines training sessions and individual home visits to help parents combine theory to practice.

The aims of EarlyBird:

  • To empower parents/caregivers
  • To support families in the period between diagnosis and school placement
  • To help establish good practice in these very important early years of development

This program will help you understand your child’s autism; get yourself into your child’s world, make contact, and find ways to develop interaction and communication; and develop understanding of your child’s behavior and how to use structure to support them.

EarlyBird in Qatar is managed by a group of experienced, trained professionals in coordination with consultants from the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the United Kingdom.

Medical Centers, therapy centers and Renad Academy have collaborated to present this initiative to support the ongoing effort to improve services for people impacted by Autism in Qatar.

Before the start of each cycle, we make an announcement for an introductory session. During the introductory session, we provide parents and caregivers with more information about the program and support to register for the program. Parents will have a weekly commitment of a two-and-a-half-hour training session or home visit. Sessions are provided in English or Arabic to accommodate language needs.