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About Autism

Autism is defined by a large set of human characteristics present in people, which fall into the following categories:

  1. Sensory characteristics
  2. Social characteristics
  3. Communication characteristics
  4. Repetitive behaviors

The above terminology, or similar terminology, is used to describe the categories as the definition is being updated on an ongoing basis.

People with autism are all very different from each other. However, all will have a larger number of characteristics and behaviors within these four categories than people without autism. Some people with autism may experience more characteristics in one category than another, making everyone with autism unique, however, by definition, someone with autism displays a higher level of characteristics across all four domains than someone without autism.

People are born with autism. Nothing terrible has happened to them, and it is not anyone’s fault; it is not a disease and is not contagious. At Renad, we celebrate autism and the many experiences it adds to the lives of people without autism.

Here, you will find links to websites, which provide valid and reliable information regarding autism, based on research and best practices.